Spring is upon us and with the new season comes change and the birth of new potential. So we thought, what could be more fitting than hunting down innovative concepts and unique eats in London? From trendy single dish concepts to unique experiences, we bring you our Top 10 Unique Eats in London.

Top 10 Unique Eats in London that are halal

1. Oli Baba’s / KERB Food

If you like street food and cheese, you need to pay a visit to Kerb’s Camden Market. Not all the stalls are halal, but there are plenty of exciting meat-free options and a couple of halal ones that are definitely worth the trip. One of our favourites has got to be Oli Baba’s, their halloumi fries are savoury, crispy and delicious.

Source: Kerb, Halloumi Fries with pomegranate and a sprinkle of pumpkin seeds

2.  Cereal Killer Cafe

Cereal Killer Café in Shoreditch is a nostalgic, rustic and fantastic little café that serves all your old school favourites with some exceptional twists and American additions. They even have creative cereal cocktails if you can’t make your mind up . We recommend the Shooty Shooty Bang Bang,  it’s made up of Krave, Milky Way Magic Stars, popping candy and white chocolate milk – indulge your inner child!

Source : Cereal Killer Cafe, Chocopotomus with Chocolate milk

3. Canvas Cafe 

If you have a sweet tooth but usually can’t indulge because you are looking for gluten free options, this one is worth a visit or three! Canvas Cafe based in Shoreditch is a creative cafe serving up crazy freakshakes, sweet gluten free cookies and soft and fluffy vegan cakes.

Source: The Canvas Cafe, Vegan Freakshake topped with macaroons

4. BB Route master

This is one of our favourites on our list of unique eats, what is more British than double decker buses and drinking tea? BB route master are serving a halal afternoon tea with flair.  It’s the most distinctive and quirky way to enjoy the sights of London. Your high tea is complemented with a selection of delicious sandwiches and delightful cakes and pastries. Possibly the only time you will be glad to be stuck in traffic. Also a unique experience for any friends you have visiting you from outside London.



5 Ma’Plucker 

Located in Soho this unique spot offers chicken 3-ways: roasted, pulled & deep-fried. Ma Plucker’s Chicken Afternoon Tea is their speciality. With a range of sweet and savoury options that cannot be found anywhere else in London, this is a must visit!  After indulging in all manner of chicken, you’ll be pleased to know that their dessert menu is just as satisfying.

Ma'Plucker 3 Way Chicken

Source: Ma’Plucker 3 Way Chicken




6. Dominique Ansel Bakery

The creators of the Cronut’s bakery have an amazing array of unusual dessert and bakery treats. Their bakery menu is both Halal and wallet friendly. We think that in itself deserves a toast, cookie shot anyone?

Source: Dominique Ansel Bakery, Cookie Shots

7. Milk Train

Did you know cloud ice cream was available in the capital?  Milk train’s eccentric ice cream wrapped in candyfloss and topped with sweets has people queuing – believe us it’s worth the wait. Fulfil your childhood dreams and visit them in Covent Garden for a truly sugary sensation.

Source: Milk Train

8. Honi Poke 
The new home of Hawaiin poke bowls have made their way into Soho. Honi Poke is the newest one on our Halal-Radar, serving up the freshest tuna, salmon & octopus with carefully concocted sauces and garnishes for a nutritious and yet yummy alternative for lunch. A unique eat that is halal and healthy!

Tuna Ahi Poke with avocado, fennel, panko, red chilli, red onion, nori seaweed, classic ahi sauce

Tuna Ahi Poke with avocado, fennel, panko, red chilli, red onion, nori seaweed, classic ahi sauce

9. Hip Chips

This is definitely a unique eat – a whole restaurant dedicated to crisps! The best of British heritage potatoes with a variety of dips including vegan and gluten free options. What was really interesting is that they have sweet chips too, dusted in cinnamon sugar with dips like peanut butter and jelly (jam to us). Would never have put that together – strangely good.

HipChips Crisps and Dips

Source: HipChips Crisps and Dips



10. 90 Degree Melt 

90 degree melt is a fairly new vegetarian & vegan restaurant that opened its doors late last year. Serving up American comfort food and everyone’s all time guilty pleasure – grilled cheese! The range of melted cheese sandwiches and sides are incredible, you will be truly spoilt for choice. We loved the Harissa melt, perfect level of spice and the most fabulously ratio of cheese to bread!

Source: 90 Degree Melt ; Grilled Cheese Tapas

We hope you enjoy trying out these amazing unique eats in London. Let us know what you think: if you leave a review on our site you earn points for charity at the same time. Do good, feel good.