When a restaurant has been around for over 40 years, “old is gold” is the statement that comes to mind. Experience is after all, almost synonymous with success, and many of London’s old restaurants remain firm favourites to this day. Established in 1973, Satay House is one such restaurant. Serving traditional Malaysian cuisine in the heart of Paddington, they’ve maintained a popular reputation amongst several generations of food enthusiasts, and some would say that they are still one of the best cheap and cheerful Malaysian eateries in London. Naturally, we just had to head over and see whether this was the case.

We began our meal with a plate of battered squid, which carried a thick layer of batter that was a little heavy for our liking. However, the squid inside was perfectly soft and thick, and went hand in hand with the sharp flavour of the accompanying sauce.

Battered squid (Rating: 3.5/5, Price: £6.70)

For mains, we tried the beef rendang – a staple of Malaysian cuisine. The beef was soft and fairly tender, but we felt that this particular interpretation of rendang had a slightly excessive amount of ginger and spice, thus creating a dish that was a little more “curried” than we were expecting. We would also have liked for a greater amount of coconut milk in the mixture, in order to add just a touch more sweetness to the beef.

Satay House Beef RendangBeef Rendang (Rating: 3.5/5, Price: £8.80)

The chicken and prawn laksa on the other hand, suffered from the opposite problem. For a laksa, the amount of heat and spice was a little low for our liking, and we really wanted it to deliver a little bit more fire to our bellies.

Satay House Chicken and Prawn LaksaChicken and Prawn Laksa (Rating: 3/5, Price: £12.70)

For dessert, we opted for the sago gula melaka – a traditional pudding made of sago, coconut milk and palm sugar. Whilst it was perfectly sweet, we felt that the consistency of the syrup could have been a little bit thicker.

Satay House DessertSago Gula Melaka (Rating: 3/5, Price: £4.90)

All in all, our experience at Satay House was fairly mixed. Whilst there’s no denying that the restaurant has had a long and proud history on London’s restaurant scene, it’s clear that some of the dishes could do with a bit of youthful rejuvenation. If you do find yourself in Paddington however, and you’re in the mood for a hot and heavy dish, head on over and give their spicy beef rendang a go.

Recommended dish:

Satay House Beef RendangBeef Rendang (Rating: 3.5/5, Price: £8.80)

Halal Status: Halal Kitchen. Alcohol is served on the premises.

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