Kilikya Canary Wharf – Halal Turkish

We’re back with another restaurant review this week. If you follow us on Instagram, you’ll have seen that we recently dined at Kilikya in Canary Wharf. Now, we’ve had our eye on Kilikya for a while since we featured it in our Top 8 quick bites in Canary halal quick bites near Canary Wharf and they’re known for dishing up a mean Turkish breakfast. What’s more, we also had the pleasure of welcoming them on to join our loyalty programme! So we decided to venture into the business district and check out what’s cooking in Canary Wharf.

All great dining stories begin and end with excellent customer service and Kilikya’s was no exception. It’s Tuesday evening and as we step in, we’re warmly greeted by the friendly manager and a relaxed hum drum of diners dining upstairs. The warm azur colours that enveloped us in the interior decor remind us of the Turkish sea, adding to the relaxed vibes of the restaurant, which is just what’s needed after a long day of work.

We take our seats and take a bite of the warm and freshly baked bread dipped in garlic and herb sauce and a spicy chunky tomato dip as we browse the menu.

The menu is extensive, with a wide breadth of hot and cold meze starters, grilled Turkish specialties and some village specials. With such a varied mix, Kilikya certainly caters to many taste palettes and dietary preferences without compromising on its authenticity.

After much deliberation, we settle on some spicy garlic sausages and garlic butter prawns from the starters. Oh and of course we have to try the fresh homemade hummous.

So we place our order and wait. The wait is a little long, since all the food is freshly prepared but we do get some freshly baked Turkish bread whilst we wait. We’re so hungry and it’s not long before we’ve exhausted our supply of bread – good thing you can get more!


 Our food arrives soon after, presented in an array of vibrant colours and we dig in.


Pan-fried garlic butter prawns served with a wedge of lemon (7.50)

Pictured here are the garlic butter prawns in a wonderful buttery garlic sauce, making them at once soft and crunchy, with the zesty tones from the lemon evoking a refreshing taste.


Spicy Garlic Beef Sausages (£4)

The spicy garlic beef sausages, which come in perfect bite-sized pieces were recommended by the waiter and they were certainly flavoursome, especially when hot. The creamy hummous which came topped with olives definitely complimented it well.


Homemade hummous (3.50)

Then came the mains. As usual, in want of a varied taste we opt for the mixed grill.You’re all probably dying to know how it is and we can safely say it did not disappoint.


Mixed Grill: A vibrantly flavoured selection of chicken shish, lamb shish, Adana kebab, lamb chops served with rice, grilled tomatoes and peppers (16.50)

The chicken shish was juicy and soft upon arrival and did not disappoint Chicken wings as an extra and wow that was a decision we did not regret. The chicken wings were grilled to perfection and unbelievably juicy and flavoursome. The lamb chops too were another hit, grilled just right, with a perfectly chewy interior. The rice was a little too salty for our liking but the main components of the grill pleased us, so no complaints.

Next for our mains, in a battle of Turkish classics between the adana iskender and the meat moussaka, the meat moussakka won. The aubergine, courgette and potato were cooked to softness which was a great delight, however we found the meat a little dry and preferred the potato and courgette purée. We’ll be back next time to give the adana iskender a whirl for sure!


Meat Moussaka: Minced meat with aubergine, courgette, potato, onion, béchamel sauce, tomato sauce, dressing, served with salad. (13.50)

By the end of our meal, I was more stuffed than a Build-a-Bear teddy bear that had been filled by a 4 year old on their first visit. Yet that was not all. Rounding off the excellent service at Kilikya, the manager kindly treated us to a complimentary serving of homemade baklava and some Turkish tea.


Homemade Baklava (3.50)

Served in a trio with a pistachio crumb garnish, this baklava was distinct from the regular store-bought stuff and stood out in how light and flaky it was. There was a great textural balance between the flaky top and the syrup laden bottom. A wonderful end to the meal and definitely a must-try.

Overall, this is an ideal dining option in the heart of Canary Wharf if you want a respite from the busy Cabot Square after a long day of working in the business district. Prices are as expected given the location, at roughly £25 per head for a starter, main and a soft drink and portions are well sized. Don’t forget, you can dine at any of the Kilikya’s outlets (St. Katherine’s Docks, Mile End, and of course Canary Wharf) and get exclusive offers on your next visit via The Halal Dining Club app – so get downloading!

Halal Status: Muslim Owned, Halal Kitchen, Alcohol Served

For opening hours and further information click here.