When Indian Accent announced it was opening its doors in London, after its Delhi branch was named one of the Top 50 Restaurants in the World, we were super excited and also really hoping that they would cater for halal diners. And just as we wished, Indian Accent in London is halal friendly.Not everything on the menu is halal and staff are very well informed about what is suitable for halal diners and not. We first mentioned Indian Accent in our Top 8 Newly Opened Restaurant in London in December.

We booked ourselves in for a lunch and were pleased to find the restaurant wasn’t packed to the brim allowing us to enjoy the ambience and take a leisurely pace over our lunch. Starting with drinks, on the Soft Cocktails list we liked the sound of Sticky Wicket described as : Spiced Pomegranate • Sri Lankan Ceylon Cinnamon • Fresh Pineapple. This was really good – sharp and sweet together with the warmth and distinctive flavour of cinnamon. The Passionfruit Fizz was described as : White Tip Jasmine Tea • Passionfruit • Fresh Ginger.  When it arrived, we feared it would taste like a pina colada but actually this was really refreshing. The Jasmine Tea flavour didn’t really come through however and you had to get through the foam with a spoon or risk having a milk moustache! Warning – we apologise the photos are not great quality as we really struggled with the lighting here.

Mocktails Indian Accent

Sticky Wicket, Passionfruit Fizz – £8

We decided on the 3-course lunch and it took us ages to decide what we wanted because it all sounded so good. For starters we settled on the Soy Keema, Quail Egg, Lime Leaf Butter Pao and the Millet Khichdi, Beef Laal Maas and Parmesan Yoghurt.  Whilst we were waiting, the Chef served us with an amuse bouche of Spiced Pumpkin Soup and a Blue Cheese Mini Nan. The nan was so cute and delicious and the Pumpkin Soup beautifully silky smooth with a touch of heat.

Amuse Bouche – Pumpkin Soup and Blue Cheese Nan

Indian Accent - Soy Keema

Soy Keema, Lime Leaf Butter Pao £9

The Soy Keema looked really interesting when it arrived and gave us a bit of theatre. However, we were a bit disappointed with how it tasted. Perhaps its because the goat keema alternative we tried at Bombay Bustle was still fresh in our minds or just because soy can’t ever taste as good as real meat. The cute little buns (or paos) also didn’t have that much flavour too them. We didn’t end up finishing this starter 🙁

Indian Accent Beef Laal Maas

Millet Khichdi, Beef Laal Maas, Parmesan Yoghurt -£9

The Millet Khichdi and Beef Laal Maas starter was a whole other story. This was a dance on your tastebuds. The millet khichdi itself was seasoned really well and seemed like it been cooked for hours slowly absorbing and releasing flavours. The Laal Maas was sooooo soft and flavourful. The crispy fried potatoes gave a nice crunchy dimension to what would otherwise be a plateful of soft textures. This was incredibly good but very filling. We took ages with this starter wanting to savour every bite. A must try dish for us and a definite for the Top 50 things we ate in 2018 – no question!!

So our confidence was now reinstated after that beautiful dish and we looked forward to our mains.

Indian Accent

Seared Scallops, Rava Prawns and Malvani Dried Shrimp Rice – £16

The presentation of this dish was beautiful and the scallops perfectly seared and tender whilst the prawns had a nice textural crunch. Not really sure where the rice went but we were still so stuffed from the starters that we didn’t really miss it.

Ghee Roast Lamb, Roomali Roti Pancakes – £16

The cutest little box tray arrived with tiny roomali rotis (we wouldn’t call them pancakes), a quartet of condiments and slivers of radish and cucumber with a bowl of small roast lamb chunks. We proceeded to make our own mini tacos and have to say all the flavours we were really good. This was a great main choice as we really couldn’t handle anything super heavy after that millet khichdi.

Finally, even though we didn’t have much room, we were ready for dessert.  We ordered the Doda Barfi Treacle Tart and the Mishti Doi Cannoli.

Indian Accent Desserts

Mishti Doi Cannoli – £5

The cannoli was beautifully assembled and had the perfect think pastry filled with a creamy delightful looking inside. Sadly this was another disappointment. The filling was sharp and just not sweet enough. If you like eating plain greek yoghurt, you might enjoy this but for us, it just didn’t hit that dessert sweet spot.

Doda Barfi Treacle Tart with Vanilla Ice Cream – £5

Luckily the Doda Barfi Treacle Tart with Vanilla Bean ice cream rescued the third course again. The fudgy stickiness of the warm treacle tart against the cool and creamy vanilla ice cream was perfect. We shared this and quikcly put aside any thoughts of the disappointing cannoli. The Chef might have noticed as he sent out another complimentary dessert. Which was really sweet of him but totally unnecessary as we were more than full at this point.

Indian Accent Desserts

Makhan Malai, Saffron Milk, Rose Petal Jagger Brittle – £5

A huge dome shaped dessert arrived compliments of the chef. What was remarkable was that when you put your spoon into this, it looked like a very fluffy foam. We had a spoonful each because it would just be rude not to! This dessert was so light and airy and left you with a taste of saffron milk. The brittle was actually delicious and made this a really interesting dessert to try.  So there you have it, two great dessert alternatives.

All in all we really enjoyed our meal at Indian Accent. Some of the menu items weren’t to our taste but they were all beautifully presented and thoughtfully executed. The food we did like, we actually loved! The 3 course meal will set you back £30 a head which is actually fantastic value for such high quality cooking.

To get more details of opening hours at Indian Accent, halal status and more click here.