As one of the most diverse cities in the world, it’s no surprise that London is home to a countless number of “fusion” restaurants. Pan-Asian food in particular, has become deeply established within London’s culinary scene, allowing Londoners to consume all of their favourite Asian dishes in one fell swoop. With branches across the capital, Banana Tree is one of the pioneers of Pan-Asian cuisine in London, and remains to this day, one of our heartfelt favourites.

The Bayswater branch in particular provides a halal selection of chicken, duck, and beef, and it seems as though it would take a lifetime of visits to explore the incredibly extensive menu. Other branches do not have a full halal menu so the Banana Tree in Bayswater is more popular with halal diners. 

Should you choose to brave the task, be sure to order the crispy seafood moneybags. These small, delightful bites of king prawn, white fish, and vegetables come with a sweet chilli dipping sauce that is sure to tickle your palate.

Seafood moneybags (Rating: 4/5, Price: £6.35)

Of course, no Pan-Asian meal is complete without a helping of chicken satay. Though the chicken itself can end up a little dry on some occasions, the rich and sweet peanut sauce will do well to compensate for it.

Banana Tree Chicken SatayChicken Satay (Rating: 3.5/5, Price: £7.35 for 5, £13.95 for 10)

Another starter you simply cannot miss out on is the plate of sticky thai chicken wings. Coated in tamarind and chilli sauce, these sweet and tangy wings can prove to be a little addictive.

Sticky Thai Wings (Rating: 4/5, Price: £5.95)

You’ll also find a fantastic selection of char-grilled meat, and we’d recommend opting for the tender chicken thigh jawa, or the wonderfully fatty char-grilled duck. Rich and full of flavour, both of these dishes will be sure to blow you away.

Banana Tree Chicken JawaChicken Jawa (Rating: 4/5, Price: £11.85)

Should you be tempted to end your meal here, be sure to remember that skipping on dessert is a bigger sin than eating it. For a lighter sweet touch, order the coconut-stuffed green Thai pancakes, which are soft, smooth and nutty. Or, go the full mile and order glorious chocolate fondant at Banana Tree . Soft, rich, and gooey, it will be the final stage of your food coma.

Chocolate Fondant (Rating: 4/5, Price: £5.95)

Banana Treet Coconut Stuffed PancakesCoconut-stuffed Green Thai Pancakes (Rating: 3.5/5, Price: £4.85)

Whether you’re after a casual lunch or a jovial birthday celebration, Banana Tree in Bayswater is the place to be. With its glorious food and its fun and lively ambience, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll leave with a happy stomach, and a happy memory to go with it.

Recommended dish:

Chocolate Fondant (Rating: 4/5, Price: £5.95)

Halal Status: All the meat at the Bayswater branch are certified halal. Alcohol is served on the premises. Please note – the halal status at other branches vary, so please reconfirm prior to visiting. Do check our app to find your closest branch.